About me: I’m Ashley. I’m a yogi, a wife, and a mother currently living in Phoenix, Arizona but originally from north Georgia (with a few other states in between). I cook a lot, I read a lot, I don’t meditate as often as I should, I like coffee and bourbon, and sometimes I smell like patchouli. I’m passionate about baseball, animals, music, and my family (not necessarily in that order). I believe that time spent outside is never wasted, that it is always worthwhile to be kind, that Rush is inarguably the greatest band of all time, and that a regular yoga practice can make the life of every person on earth better.

About PlantsWaterYoga: PlantsWaterYoga was born of a desire to refine the work that I do (social media management/content creation) into something even more focused on what I already enjoy doing (plant-eating, yoga-doing, outside-living). This website is a way for me to write about the things I’m passionate about, while also creating a space for potential clients to come check out my work, learn what I do, pick my painstaking and lovingly created writings to death… that sort of thing (I would insert a winking emoji here, but that doesn’t really go with the professional facade I’m trying to create here. Plus I’m not really sure how old is “too old” to use emojis… but I digress). So, if you’re here as a client-to-be, an extra-warm welcome to you! And don’t worry if the topic of the work you’re looking for isn’t specifically represented here – I solemnly promise that I can make your dream blog happen for your website, no matter the subject! For inquiries (even if you’re totally unsure and have no idea where to start), email plantswateryoga@gmail.com.